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Since 2011 we’ve been serving the industry. We pride ourselves in being a small business with big muscle. Yes, we can flex and we’re flexible. Delivering uncompromising quality to all our customers, big and small. 

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By implication, that means that we’re committed to uncompromising quality. It also means that we can offer the same high quality service for any powder coating requirements, big or small.

The Process





Each stage in the process is monitored and controlled in order to ensure uniform quality that is a vital part of our DNA. Following Steps 1-3 we a thorough inspection of the finished product in order to ensure that we meet the stringent ISO standard set by the SABS. For us quality is not an optional extra.
It comes standard!


Powder coating, unlike liquid paint is a free-flowing, dry powder which is electrostatic ally applied and then cured in a heat oven or unlearn Ultraviolet light. This powder is thermo plastic which, when dry, makes it super hard and super durable. Because we work with the best suppliers of powders in the world we can offer you a range of colours to give you that high quality finish you want.

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